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Valentinov zdenac ljubavi

Valentin's Well of love

Tourism in Žumberak

In this hidden, silent and fairytale part of Croatia discover love, exhilaration, and an unknown paradise!

Along with our household, Valentin's well of love is waiting for you. The well is originally named after our great-grandfather Valentin, who founded and cared for it. That was the time when all of the villagers and people from surrounding area came for potable spring water. So, here were born many love relationships and friendships among them. The great-grandfather used to say that Valentin's water is a source of love which brings couples a happy life and offspring!

Come and experience personally, maybe love will happen to you too! Hrvoje Jakić Mystical beauty of Žumberak - Hrvoje Jakić Hrvoje Jakić
Hrvoje Jakić Biciklizam
Igor Suljagic

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How to reach us?

Our Jurkovo selo is 58 km away from Zagreb. You are coming to us by road through the Valley of Cardinals, named after the Cardinals Alojzije Stepinac and Franjo Kuharić.

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Idyllic Žumberak

The whole idyllic Žumberak is attractive to families, team building, mountaineers, bikers, bicyclists, off-road, explorers and student’s excursions and lessons in nature, from the field of history, biology, zoology, archeology, speleology ... for the pilgrims and students of theology and especially for the lovers of cultural heritage.

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