Gastronomy and recreation

The rural household Podžumberak in the same building prepares the indigenous Žumberak food in a healthy environment and by the old, local customs. All food on the table was grown in an organic way.

Domaćinstvo Žumberak 1936 Domaćinstvo Žumberak danas
Our household from 1936 and today

Organically grown food

Here you should definitely try the Žumberak grebljica (cabbage), soup with komuške and homemade sausages, porridge with dry meat, kaiserfleisch meat with boiled potatoes and dill sauce, peasant soups, homemade salted and sweet butters...

Domacini Polje
This is how the hosts start preparing lunch for themselves and you

We recommend to the guests of our hostel nutrition in our dining room or under a green shelter in our backyard.

Gablec Sirnjaca domaci kruh
Organska hrana Ribe
Blagavaona Blagavaona u hostelu
Dinning room in backyard and dinning room in hostel


For our guests we have recreation in the nearby meadow, table tennis and hang-gliding bowling alley. On the recreational meadow there is a bowling alley, ball games, sandpit, garden house, barbecue area, a place for your tents, secured parking...

Rekreacija Jurčec
Recreation on our meadow
Boćanje Drvena kućica Stolni tenis
Bowling, wooden cottage and grill,table tennis / hang-gliding bowling
Kućni ljubimci
Pets are welcome

Please inform us on link CONTACT at least 3 days in advance for details of stay and meals.

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How to reach us?

Our Jurkovo selo is 58 km away from Zagreb. You are coming to us by road through the Valley of Cardinals, named after the Cardinals Alojzije Stepinac and Franjo Kuharić.

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Idyllic Žumberak

The whole idyllic Žumberak is attractive to families, team building, mountaineers, bikers, bicyclists, off-road, explorers and student’s excursions and lessons in nature, from the field of history, biology, zoology, archeology, speleology ... for the pilgrims and students of theology and especially for the lovers of cultural heritage.

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