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In partnership with the internet publisher VALENTIN our goal is to promote Žumberak in every aspect, especially in literary work. We want to introduce authors who are of Žumberak origin, and those who write about Žumberak with heart and soul.
Here we do not list all the writings of Žumberak. We are confined to the choice of authors who are closest to literary and historical scientific expression.

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Milko Popović

About the author:

Milko Popović (1895-1971), academician, writer and founder of the Žumberak Society in Zagreb in 1934.

Milko Popović was a university professor, an academic who wrote a doctoral dissertation “Žumberak dialect with syntax and vocabulary”. Popović completed a Classical gymnasium in Zagreb, Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb and Prague. His main field of activity was phonology. Of the numerous works in this area, one should point out the work “Betonung in der Mundart von Žumberak”, printed in the Zeitschrift für slavische Psihologie, which was published in Berlin and Leipzig. Popović issued “Žumberak Dialect” in 1938. and received awards from the Zagreb Academy. In his work “The Peasant Rebellion in Croatia in 1573 and The Emergence of The Rebellion”, Milko Popović proved that the leader of the rebels Matija Gubec Beg (so called the ban Juraj Drašković in the letter to the emperor Maximilian II) was native of Žumberak of catholic faith from Begovo Brdo near Kostanjevac with surname Beg, and nickname Gubec-beg. The name beg, originated from begi or uskoci (fugitives from countries occupied by the Turks, that lurk in the border regions of Croatia). Popović further proved that Ilija Gregorić was not from Ribnik, as Julian Bromley put it in the work “The Peasant Rebellion” issued by the Moscow academy, but from Sošice in Žumberak. On the other side, the operational commander of the army in the battle against the peasants on Krško polje was Daniel Lasić, from Visoče near Sošice.

We recommend his scientific work “Dialect of Žumberak with syntax and vocabulary”.

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