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In partnership with the internet publisher VALENTIN our goal is to promote Žumberak in every aspect, especially in literary work. We want to introduce authors who are of Žumberak origin, and those who write about Žumberak with heart and soul.
Here we do not list all the writings of Žumberak. We are confined to the choice of authors who are closest to literary and historical scientific expression.

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Igor Suljagić

About the author:

Writer with origins from Žumberak, born 1973. in Zagreb. This author says that he likes to write humorous as well as fantastic fiction. In addition, he likes to use futuristic, exotic words and neologisms. Thus he has an ambitious plan to write another 3 sequels of the futuristic SF novel from the 23rd century, in the "tetralogy - 4 corners of Europe” with exotic languages from all four corners of our continent. Basque language from the southwest, through Hungarian, then Finish and Estonian, all the way to the Gaelic languages from the northwestern Europe. He is interested in languages that other nations hardly understand or speak. (For camparison, the language spoken in Croatia has more or less similarities and origins with 10 to 15 other Slavic languages in Europe.) For this reason, the author will research and consult with linguistic experts about the typical characteristics and strangeness of these unique languages.

We present 2 novels of Igor Suljagić that are very different by genre, themes and to a certain extent the style of writing, but both in their fiction use the elements of technological fantasy.

Igor Suljagić on social media:

Igor Suljagic - blogger
Igor Suljagić (@IgorSuljagic) | Twitter
Igor Suljagić | Facebook

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"Shengzian oparamun"

SHENGZIAN OPARAMUN is a psychological SF novel with elements of the criminal thriller set in the further future, in Zagreb of the 23rd century. The story goes through the neuroscience and technologies of the future. There is an accident and the mysterious death investigated by the police. One poorly paid worker in a HI-TEC factory, as a socially abandoned outsider will come to some surprising discoveries what is actually happening there... (The novel is translated to English from Croatian original.)

- Intro prologue of the novel - Shengzian Oparamun.pdf
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EUinc is a novel with humour and punk sensibility, allegorically speaking about our current age. In the book, actual political community is being depicted as a capitalist corporation. Two main characters are old school friends who decide to invest in its shares. They learn big finances but also want to play music. They find third one and form the band. One of them thinks more on shares and the other on playing. They will gradually find out that things both in business and in rock’n’roll are not like they imagined. (The novel is translated.)

- Intro prologue of the novel - Eudd.pdf

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Idyllic Žumberak

The whole idyllic Žumberak is attractive to families, team building, mountaineers, bikers, bicyclists, off-road, explorers and student’s excursions and lessons in nature, from the field of history, biology, zoology, archeology, speleology ... for the pilgrims and students of theology and especially for the lovers of cultural heritage.

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