USEFUL TIPS FOR VISITING Croatia during the pandemic.

TIPS FOR VISITING Croatia during the pandemic.

Avoid public transport, drive your own, or rent a car.

Keep social distance, avoid shaking hands and wear masks in closed spaces.

Plan your activities in advance. Avoid eating indoors in restaurants.

Follow the recommendations of the Croatian Institute for Public Health.

Enjoy beaches, parks, and all the outdoor activities in Croatia.

Choose smaller villages and less-known destinations for your stay in Croatia. This is an underpopulated country, with lots of open spaces, and not too many crowds. Zagreb is the only big city, with 800.000 people.

More tips you can read at regularly updated site in English, with the addresses of local health and test centres:

To reduce waiting at the border it is recommended to fill out the form 
issued by official police authorities. (more details on this site about current regulations on entering Croatia in order to obtain a safe touristic season)

How to reach us?

Our Jurkovo selo is 58 km away from Zagreb. You are coming to us by road through the Valley of Cardinals, named after the Cardinals Alojzije Stepinac and Franjo Kuharić.

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Idyllic Žumberak

The whole idyllic Žumberak is attractive to families, team building, mountaineers, bikers, bicyclists, off-road, explorers and student’s excursions and lessons in nature, from the field of history, biology, zoology, archeology, speleology ... for the pilgrims and students of theology and especially for the lovers of cultural heritage.

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