You want to buy a book from our web site? Short Q & A.

Q: What is the way of buying a book which is offered on the site?

A: We deliver printed books to our buyers by post. Costs of sending are included in the price. The payment is made on our regular bank account in Croatia which is written on the website as well. When you go to BOOK ORDER on our website you will need to fill the ADDRESS FORM with all contact info that we need

Q: What kind of contact info needs to be filled?

A: Name and surname of buyer, address for postal delivery, e-mail for contact, the title of ordered book, language (Croatian original/translated in English) and space for your additional message if you wish to add something more. In the end you will need to calculate a simple math task to confirm that you are not a robot.

Q: Is it possible credit card purchase?

A: No. For now we do not offer a credit card purchase to avoid any illegal activity with cards and personal data.

Q: Can I order a book in PDF format or in some other electronic form?

A: No. For now we offer only books in printed form.

Q: When my ordered book arrives to my address?

A: The books arrive at Your postal address in shortest possible time, depending on postal service and distance of Your destination.

Q: Can I buy your books on discounted price?

A: The books of e-publisher VALENTIN are offered on sale exclusively on this site. The guests of hostel Flores in Zumberak get significant DISCOUNT on price, depending on the days of stay. In addition we wish to encourage even more reading of valuable books, therefore it is possible for the guest buyer to get as a gift one additional book to his/her taste from our, actually well-equipped library of books in Croatian, English and German language, mostly novels, we have just few collections of poetry.

How to reach us?

Our Jurkovo selo is 58 km away from Zagreb. You are coming to us by road through the Valley of Cardinals, named after the Cardinals Alojzije Stepinac and Franjo Kuharić.

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Idyllic Žumberak

The whole idyllic Žumberak is attractive to families, team building, mountaineers, bikers, bicyclists, off-road, explorers and student’s excursions and lessons in nature, from the field of history, biology, zoology, archeology, speleology ... for the pilgrims and students of theology and especially for the lovers of cultural heritage.

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